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Date Updated  :  01-Feb-2016
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On 11 April 1997, TraDev Research Consultants (TRC) was officially incorporated. TRC focuses in research, design and development of a wide genre of training programs.

For more than a decade, TRC withstood the trials and turbulences in the k-economy. At the same time, TRC has also earned its credibility and reputation as a unique and professional coaching, advisory, consulting, training and development provider. The success of TRC was built on the foundation of the innovative and resourceful founder, Mr. Myocho Kan. The founder has, from the very beginning, carved the path of TRC to what she is today.

Realizing that success cannot be sustained if the business is not redefined and reinvented, the renaissance of TRC continues with the inception of Asian Alliance for Advancement Sdn. Bhd., or aptly known as “3A”. 3A was formally incorporated in January 2010. Also inherited are the sound principles of business and corporate responsibilities from its predecessor. The “Philosophies of 3A” become the pillars of growth and integrity, subscribed by all members of the Board of Directors, Board of Governors, the management team, 3A Faculty and its associates.



3A presents a unique organizational hybrid, a brainchild of its Founder Mr. Myocho Kan who is active in both non-government and private organizations. 3A is a private limited company by formation and live the 'soul of a society' championing the cause of mankind advancement. Its vision "Strengthening Culture, Spearheading Commerce" is realized through holistic advancement solutions that encompass research, training, coaching, consulting, business outsourcing, project management and technology matching. The radar of advancement covers more than 40 domains, including agriculture, branding, franchise, construction, strategic management, branding, manufacturing, intellectual property, personal development, to youth development. These are facilitated by a well diversified 3A Faculty and a network of associates and resource experts drawn from different parts of Asia.


The logo of 3A reflects a stack of three 'golden small-cap A' alphabet, the acronym for "Asian Alliance for Advancement". Small capitalisation font is selected to reflect modesty and yet its bold typeface signifies audacity. Upward right slant reflects a statistical representation of continual improvement. This combination reflects the golden heritage of Asian talents, values and wisdoms for the advancement of mankind.

Overall, the logo symbolises 3A's vision – Strengthening Culture, Spearheading Commerce.


The spirit of alliance is at its best with 3A strategic alliance model. The philosophies of 3A are:-
Philosophy 1  Rediscover and redefine the golden heritage of Asian talents, values and wisdoms.
Philosophy 2  Enhance the breadth and depth of capacity building.
Philosophy 3  Promote innovation as the catalyst of social and economic prosperity.


Moral, Ethics and Integrity (MEI)

It is fair to admit that the very motivation for every organisation to exist is to be profitable. Profit allows the engagement of professionals to provide marked services to the clients. Profits shared will in turn attract genuine people with genuine interests to add value to whatever they do. Unfortunately, the rat race is ajar to all sorts of temptations that shake moral, ethics and integrity. Relentless pursuit for greater shareholders' return, for example, forces business operators to bend towards "creative" ways of satisfying the bottom line.

3A is committed to integrate moral and ethical values in all our processes and business dealings. To achieve this, 3A has crafted a series of guiding principles. These include 3A VALUES© and Best Practices in Innovation Management (BPIM)©.


No doubt, the balancing act between moral, ethics and integrity with business tactics is a monumental task. To live up to the commitment of 3A, a set of values as embedded in the VALUES© guiding principle is dearly practiced. VALUES© is designed to promote simple habits and practical operational procedures that eventually form the culture and system of 3A.

V oice out (open communication is the first rule, speak out our mind)
A id and charity beyond boundaries
L ove the environment (8R practices)
U nfold, open and be transparent
E nd corruption (starts clean, start with an end in mind)
S upport original (respect intellectual property)

Best Practices in Innovation Management (BPIM)©

Innovation is the key to excellence. Almost every organization advocates innovation and promotes creativity at work. Ironically, such direction also means involving the brightest and outward personalities. These elites are also often hard to keep and manage. Creative people perceive methodical counterparts as rigid and humdrum. Vice versa, creative people are labelled as defiant and rebellious. The thin line that pulls them to work hand-in-hand is often strained.

Best Practices in Innovation Management (BPIM)© is developed as a framework to create a positive eco-system where people with different talents can collectively share and pool their ideas. It is intended to minimize doubt and self-centredness, the two killers of innovation. BPIM© advocates four key protocols:-

Protocol 1: Respect for Intellectual Property
The members of 3A maintain high integrity in preserving and respecting intellectual property. The sources of references will be diligently identified. Similarly, references will also be made to the respective members of 3A to recognize their works.

Protocol 2: Bona Fide
3A maintains utmost good faith in disseminating, translating and transforming data and information gathered from its researches and surveys. Feedbacks and opinions will be quoted “as-it-is” with minimal editing to deliver the truth while ensuring message tact. As a basic ethical conduct of research, information regarding the interviewees will be protected and will continue to enjoy the status of anonymity.

Protocol 3: Freedom of Ideas
Freedom to express one’s idea is the key to innovation. 3A exercises freedom to express in search of appropriate strategies for advancement. Brainstorming sessions are conducted and collective decision making adopted to extract expert opinions. Such practices are necessary to generate ideas that are bold, innovative and unconventional in search of excellence and advancement.

Protocol 4: Service to Mankind
Behind the three key philosophies of 3A is service to mankind. 3A strives to play its part to serve the country and mankind as a whole. Indeed, the diverse backgrounds and professionalisms of the members of 3A is a testimony of harmony at work.

Protocol 5: Fusion of Best Practices
3A practices fusion as an innovation technique. The diverse members of 3A shares best practices from different perspectives. Best practices are adopted from the very beginning of every work pursued; from the review and consideration of published models, systems and practices, determination of the sampling and survey protocol, design of research instruments, collation and analysis of data and information, deliberation and strategy fomulation till product or service realization.