3A pioneers and adopts a unique organization structure known as the Organic Corporate Structure (OCS). OCS is a lean structure with a superimposing perspective that represents shared accountability, focused span of control and that direct authority is over the team and not individuals.

The President of 3A is assisted by a Managing Director and Directors. They form the Board of Directors (BOD), who in turn are advised by a Board of Governors (BOG). A dedicated management team is employed to render quality and professional services to the clients.

3A maintains an in-house faculty of specialist coaches, advisors, trainers, consultants, researchers and facilitators. Known as the "3A Faculty", these members are selected base on a set of criteria and are constantly monitored to ensure shared values, consistent quality and unreserved commitment. The outer rim of OCS represents the network of Associates and Strategic Partners, nominated and appointed from various parts of Asia and Greater Asia.


MYOCHO KAN is a Chartered Company Secretary and Administrator (ICSA, United Kingdom), ISO 9001 Lead Assessor and Certified Trainer by qualification. He is a Corporate Consultant and Transformation Strategist by profession. Myocho is also a member with various professional bodies including MSTD, TIM, MIM, MINDS, MAICSA, IPRM and MIHRM.

Myocho Kan has been coaching, training and consulting hundreds of companies and thousands of people since 1994. Myocho was previously the business consulting partner of a Singaporean public listed firm with more than 600 academic centers worldwide.

Myocho Kan is currently the President of 3A, Co-Founder of Asian Caucus of Invention Associations (first established in Hong Kong), Chief Learning Strategist of TraDev Research Consultants and an Independent Director with various companies. He was also the former Vice President of Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS), Assistant Honorary Secretary of The Confederation of Science and Technology Associations of Malaysia (COSTAM) as well as Chief Judge of International Panel of Judges, ITEX Malaysia.

Myocho's forte includes branding, thinking mastery (both critical and creative) and transformation. He has authored more than 300 programs of a wide genre over the years, including the AIM innovation blueprint for the Malaysian Government during his capacity as the ex-Officio Chief Author.

A versatile and multilingual facilitator, he has coached and trained participants from a diverse portfolio – from Directors, Franchisees, Managers, Supervisors, Line Leaders to clerical support personnel. Their origins include those from Belgium, Brunei, China, India, Japan, Taiwan, Africa, Australia, Lebanon, Philippines, Singapore and New Zealand. Myocho's business programs, whether consulting or training, are performance base, down-to-earth, simple to understand and pragmatic. The ultimate philosophies are "Why train if you don't gain!" and "Consult for Result!"

Myocho Kan also took stage on BrandLaureate's Tun Mahathir Lecture Series, Helo Malaysia Bernama TV, Hitz FM, Astro's Perspektif Kita, Astro's Sudut Pandangan as well as conferences organized by the Malaysian Productivity Centre (MPC), Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and University Science of Malaysia (USM).


3A resource experts consists of professional coaches, trainers, consultants and facilitators. Members of 3A resource experts are carefully selected from the elite with proven performance. The members of 3A resource experts are also consider in-house expertise readily available for any assignments.

A stringent set of selection criteria is applied to ensure high level of professionalism. Professionalism is measured using a 2-tier evaluation method. Tier 1 consists of primary criterion governed by 3A proprietary 4E Matrix© that requires relevant education / academic qualification, experience, exposure and have conducted empirical research (for selected fields of expertise). Tier 2 secondary criterion are prescribed by 3A proprietary ABCDE Profile© – Attitude, Behaviour, Cognitive, Discipline and Emotion.

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