World Manpower At A Glance

Institutional or national and non-international, e.g. nurses, doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, company secretaries, etc.
E.g. teachers / lecturers, agents (property, insurance, unit trust, etc.) networkers, drivers, waiters/esses, beauticians, IT engineers, advertisers, etc.

Unregulated Human Capital, Kills Brand & Reputation

What If You Are Facing The Following Worries...

  • Your staff driving your customers away, they are rude, with bad attitude or even acting violently or aggressively towards the customers,
  • Your staff holding grudge when they leave the company and may possibly sabotage your business or internal systems,
  • Stealing your company's secret,
  • Hijacking your customers,
  • Violates ethical conduct,
  • Generally a harm or liability to your business or operations.
... and we tell you now that your staff can be monitored, tracked and hence prevented from doing bad things that could harm your business and reputation?


Nurturing Professionals

SPIDER – An Organic International Standard


International standards are standards developed through geographical codification and not at institutional or national level.

Introducing SPIDER©

SPIDER© (Standard for Professionalism and Integrity Development, Empowerment and Reach), is the world's first standard on human capital professionalism, codified with selected known international standards. SPIDER©. serves as an international benchmark for minimum human capital competency requirements defined for various functions, levels and disciplines in different industries and sub-sectors.

SPIDER© is developed base on input from the industry for the industry. The input from the industry in the design and development process is essential to ensure an industry-relevant standard that serves as a thrust towards excellence.

SPIDER Structure

The 5I's Axis of Integrity and Professionalism

orld Endorsement Bureau

a global depository of who's professional and who's not.

SPIDER© International Secretariat (InterSec)

Advance Accreditation Authority Pte. Ltd. (201616670W)
200, Jalan Sultan, #08-02 Textile Centre,
Singapore 199018.

Email: spider.intersec@gmail.com / myocho.kan@3aglobal.org

International Hotline: +6012-9882816