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Date Updated  :  18-Mar-2016
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MYOCHO KAN holds a professional degree in Chartered Company Secretarial and Administration (ICSA, UK) and also a trained ISO 9001 Lead Assessor, API Spec Q1 9th.ed and Certified Trainer. He is a Corporate Strategist, People Potential and Organizational System Specialist by profession. Myocho is also a member with various professional bodies including MSTD, TIM, MIM, MAICSA, IPRM and MIHRM.

Myocho Kan brings with him 19 years of coaching, training and consulting expertise and has advised, consulted and trained participants from more than 300 companies of various sizes and industries. Myocho was previously the business consulting partner of a Singaporean public listed firm with more than 600 academic centers worldwide. Over the years, he has also authored almost 300 programs of various genre and versions.

Myocho Kan assumes/d the following portfolios:-
1.  President, Asian Alliance for Advancement Sdn. Bhd.;
2.  Chairman, National Innovation Conference for Higher Education (NICHE);
3.  Chief Learning Strategist of Myocho International and TraDev Research Consultants (1997-current);
4.  Independent Director (Compliance and System Integration) of Pegasus Diversified Berhad (subsidiaries include Borval Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., Macfeam Sdn. Bhd. and Petrotechnic Oilwell Sdn. Bhd.);
5.  Director of Strategic and Advance Learning, ArcNet Training & Development;
6.  Former Judge for Skiva Supermodel Search 2013;
7.  Former Director, Clara Group (2011-2013);
8.  Former Vice President, Malaysian Invention and Design Society (2008-2010);
9.  Former Honorary Secretary, Malaysian Invention and Design Society (2005-2007);
10. Co-Founder of Asian Caucus of Invention Associations, ACIA, Hong Kong;
11. Former Chief Judge of International Panel of Judges, ITEX (2007-2010);
12. Special Representative / Chief Author of National Innovation Council Task Force (Public and Economic sector), Ministry of Higher Education;
13. Former Assistant Honorary Secretary, Confederation of Scientific and Technology Associations of Malaysia, COSTAM (2008/2009);
14. Member of Special Interest Group on Innovation for The Construction Industry, Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), Ministry of Works (2008);
15. Invited Judge for UEM's Anugerah Sri Rekacipta (2007 until current);
16. Session Chairman of 2nd Technopreneur Development (2009);
17. Head of Malaysian Delegation to International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products , Geneva, Switzerland (2008);
18. Head of Malaysian Delegation to Taipei Inventor's Fair and Computer Implemented Invention (2007);
19. Head of Malaysian Delegation to Budapest, Hungary (2006);
20. Consulting Partner of APTECH Group Malaysia (2006-2007);
21. Member of the International Jury for IFIA, Budapest, Hungary (2006);
22. Co-Organizing Chairman for The Great Mind Award in honor of the former Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (2006);
23. Chief Judge for EINIC University Malaya (2006);
24. Judge and Mentor for Malaysia's inaugural intellectual reality show – Nescafe KickStart (2005);
25. Judge for ITEX 2005.

Myocho's diverse experience includes strategic business planning, sales and marketing, franchising, business and operation systems, product and people development, amongst others. His experience is not without real life exposure which includes stints in a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) since 1994, secretarial firm, international quick service restaurant, and training and consulting (since 1997). Hence, he has been personally exposed to various portfolios, customer profiles and key accounts. Customers handled include individuals and organizations from different industries with different needs. The long years of experience and exposure can now be shared as they have been transformed into deliverable knowledge through training programs.

A versatile and multilingual facilitator, he has coached and trained participants from a diverse portfolio – from Directors, Franchisees, Managers, Supervisors, Line Leaders to clerical support personnel. Their origins include those from Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Lebanon, Australia, New Zealand and Belgium. Myocho's business programs, whether consulting or training, are performance base, down-to-earth, simple to understand and pragmatic. The ultimate philosophies are "Why train if you don't gain!" and "Consult for Result!"

Myocho Kan shared his views and opinions on Helo Malaysia Bernama TV, Hitz FM, Astro's Perspektif Kita and Astro's Sudut Pandangan. He was also a speaker and panelist at countless talks and conferences, including those organized by International Medical University (IMU), Brand Laureate's Tun Mahathir Lecture Series, Malaysian Productivity Centre (MPC), Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and University Science Malaysia (USM). Myocho's success tips and stories are also shared via the printed media, including Malaysia SME, The Star (Young CEO Column), etc.