3A's Guiding Principle of a...

C lient partnership
O ffer and strive beyond obligation
N ovel in thoughts, breakthrough in ideas
S imple and practical
U nlock talents and values
L isten, lead, transform
T ime conscious and responsive
A im for continual advancement
N eat and living up to professionalism
T ruthful, ethical and high in morality

"An event is not just a chapter of celebration or hoo-ha of sort. A project should not be the last resort of survival measure. An event or a project is an opportunity for any individual or organization to gain the extra mileage that thrusts them ahead of others. It brings new hope and confidence. It motivates people, uncovers talents and drives them to their best. 3A plays a turnkey role in event and project management. We have both the capability and capacity to customize an event or project that helps propel the organization to the next level. 3A deliver more than just results. We also deliver the process that serves as the learning curve for individuals and organizations so that future events can be independently pursued." - Myocho Kan


"The expectation from trainers today is not just training. Trainers are considered income generators and are expected to contribute to the organization's bottom line. Capacity building by 3A is supported by a faculty of professional trainers and facilitators who possess diverse skills and knowledge. Our approach is to influence and drive performance through skills and knowledge acquisition. 3A offers a unique end-to-end system that covers corporate culture review, strategic competency mapping, analysis of training needs, profiling, content design and development, sourcing and outsourcing, logistic management, delivery, post-program monitoring, learning performance evaluation, KPI and ROI tracking etc." - Myocho Kan


  • Associations (Code: 3AA1)
  • Agriculture (Code: 3AA2)
  • Branding (Code: 3AB1)
  • Business services (Code: 3AB2)
  • Certification program (Code: 3AC1)
  • Coaching (Code: 3AC2)
  • Construction (Code: 3AC3)
  • Cultural and ethnic (Code: 3AC4)
  • Distribution (Code: 3AD1)
  • Design (Code: 3AD2)
  • Education (Code: 3AE1)
  • Environment (Code: 3AE2)
  • Event Management (Code: 3AE3)
  • Franchise (Code: 3AF1)
  • Food and Beverage (Code: 3AF2)
  • Finance and Banking (Code: 3AF3)
  • Government Services (Code: 3AG1)
  • Grooming & Etiquette (Code: 3AG2)
  • Human Resource (Code: 3AH1)
  • Innovation (Code: 3AI1)
  • ICT (Code: 3AI2)
  • Intellectual Property (Code: 3AI3)
  • Knowledge (Code: 3AK1)
  • Language & Communication (Code: 3AL1)
  • Legal (Code: 3AL2)
  • Manufacturing (Code: 3AM1)
  • Mind and Mental (Code: 3AM2)
  • Organizational Performance (Code: 3AO1)
  • Oil and Gas (Code: 3AO2)
  • Property (Code: 3AP1)
  • Personnel (Code: 3AP2)
  • Project Management (Code: 3AP3)
  • Personal Development (Code: 3AP4)
  • Quality (Code: 3AQ1)
  • Retail (Code: 3AR1)
  • Retirement Planning (Code: 3AR2)
  • Sales and Marketing (Code: 3AS1)
  • Service (Code: 3AS2)
  • Safety and Health (Code: 3AS3)
  • Supply Chain (Code: 3AS4)
  • Specific S&T (Code: 3AS5)
  • Taxation (Code: 3AT1)
  • Transportation (Code: 3AT2)
  • Wealth Management (Code: 3AW1)
  • Youth Development (Code: 3AY1)

"Changing life requires personal touch. We need to open up minds and nurture confidence. Coaching and mentoring are the solutions. These are highly focused and successive processes of discovering, developing and capitalizing on personal passion and talents. The objectives of coaching and mentoring are to transform the ordinary to leaders and leaders to champions. 3A helps develop coaching and mentoring systems, culture and practices in the journey of succession and sustainability." - Myocho Kan